Smart Parents Must Understand Baby's Crying Reasons

Like adults, babies have various needs. Unfortunately, they cannot speak yet, so usually they will express their needs and desires by crying. As a parent, of course you want to do anything to make the baby feel comfortable. However, you need to understand the reason why the baby cries before doing something to make the baby calm down. The Meaning of Baby's Cry Before giving treatment, you need to know what the baby's needs or desires make him cry for help. If your baby cries, there is a possibility that he feels: Uncomfortable A baby may cry because they feel uncomfortable. There are also other signs, besides crying, he can bend his body. If you pay attention, he actually acts as such to avoid something that makes him uncomfortable. Try checking, maybe her clothes are wet with a pee or she feels cold. Fatigue If your baby seems uninterested in toys or other people, is not as active as usual, or is yawning, then he is tired and needs to sleep. You can lay him in
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